Raw Materials and Recycling 

We provide consulting services to the silicon and solar industry – from its raw materials to recycling of silicon and solar modules. Our focus is the assesment of raw materials for silicon production and recycling solutions for silicon and solar modules. 

What we offer

Solar cells are based on silicon, which itself is produced from quartz and carbon. With our knowhow we aim at an energy- and resource-efficient production of silicon and solar cells. Our main focus is on optimizing raw material streams and recycling.


Raw Materials

Special properties are required for quartz and carbon as raw materials for silicon production. Increase your revenue streams by targetting the best customer segment.


Silicon Metal

From an optimized raw material mix to utilization of by-products and waste streams. Make the most of your production.


Solar Silicon

Find suitable raw materials for a cost-effective production of solar and semiconductor silicon.


Solar Cells & Modules

Recycle production waste and increase your raw material efficiency. Recycle solar modules for a circular economy.

Fast, reliable, and cost-effctive assessment of raw materials for silicon production

During the JPM test, samples of quartz and carbon are converted into silicon using a particular kind of microwave furnace. This allows an assessment of the expected silicon quality and raw material reactivity. 

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