About us

Our vision is to create a carbon-free society.

Located in Braunschweig, in the middle of Europe’s most research-intensive region, we develop green technologies and enable companies to implement sustainable solutions. 

Our values & principles

Implementing sustainable solutions starts with us.


We try to minimize our enviornmental impact from our daily operations. We use sustainable office supplies, take trains wherever possible and compensate our emissions from travel activities. 


Innovation is based on collaboration. This is why we share an open innovation culture and cooperate with companies, R&D facilities and universities around the globe.


Achieving great things is based on team efforts. We encourage our team to implement innovative working solutions which offer flexibility and support creativity.


Digital solutions allow us to easily organize our business, work remote and simplify tasks. It also has an positive enviornmental impact avoiding mountains of paper.

Wnat to change the world? Become a part of our team!