Positions Offered

There are no positions offered at the moment. However, we appreciate any unsolicited application.

Internships & Working Students

We are always looking for energetic and passionated students to cover different project as interns, working students or your thesis. We are also open for any project you want to bring in. Have look at the different topics we are currently offering you. 

Marketing  & PR

We are always looking for energetic and passionated employees to get our message out to the world. From corporate design to social media strategies and HR marketing.

Solar Silicon

Silicon is the raw material for modern solar cells. Its production consumes fossil resources. We want to use renewable raw materials to make solar energy real green energy.


Electric cars play an important role on our way to future green mobility. Increasing battery performance is a key challenge. Work with our team and partners on battery improvements.

Sustainable Materials

We try to replace primary raw materials with sustainable alternatives. Currently, our focus is on raw materials for foundries. Work with us on a case study.

Materials Science

Solar cells require high-purity materials, silicon production requires high-temperatures. Design high-tech materials for our solutions.

Silicon & Solar

We work on recycling production waste of the solar industry and end-of-life solar modules. Work with our team in Asia on future solutions.

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